Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go Gators

Tonight UF is playing BYU in basketball, and I know the Gators are going to win. I am originally from Utah and I bleed RED! I'm not one of those fans who roots for BYU when they are playing any other team except mine, nope, not in my house, Utah is the only team we root for that comes from the beehive state. My son Simon is currently a freshman at the University of Florida and we are uber proud of him. He loves the Gators and his current wardrobe is made up of 99% Gator attire! When he got into UF I made some cute Gator cake pops to help celebrate. I'll send you to the queen of all cake pops, Bakerella for your instructions to making these little cuties.


Cake mix
Canned frosting
Candy Melts
Sucker Sticks
Styrofoam to stick them in while drying and showing them off

Follow these instructions

An extra treat for you!
Follow these directions
Jumbo marshmallows dipped in candy melts to 
look like cupcakes


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