Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Organized

I will admit that my pantry has more cookie and cake decorating tools in it than food, and that is sort of a problem. I do have a large walk in pantry, but I am always digging behind things trying to find the right cookie cutters or jimmies, so I decided to get myself organized. I headed to Wal-Mart and picked up 2 storage bins, of course the first trip I made I only bought one and had to go back a second time. I store my bins in a little alcove off the kitchen and wheel them in when I want them. So easy and organized!

It took Olivia and I at least 20 minutes
to locate all of the stuff that I've
stashed around the house
My sprinkles use to fit in that bin, not now
Too much stuff
Plus there are the cookie cutters to deal with
Where to put everything?
One drawer has cupcake liners, this is now full
with all of the ones I found in my
craft room yesterday
Drawer 1 of sprinkles
Drawer 2 of sprinkles
One drawer of icing bottles and toppers
Tips and coloring gels
I had to go and buy a second drawer set
to store my cookie cutters
2 drawers of cutters
Celo bags to store all of my homemade goodies in
Pretty cute and definitely organized!
I guess I should remove those tags off the front huh??



  1. I am not usually a very organized person, but this was getting out of control. Plus now I have a great place to put the new frosting colors and cookie cutters that I bought yesterday!