Monday, March 21, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Jumbo Marshmallows on Pretzel Rods ( you figure out a better name)

I saw these jumbo marshmallows at Target and had to buy them, I mean, who doesn't love food with the word JUMBO written on the bag?? I decided to dip these in chocolate and put them on a sucker stick, but thought the stick would look too puny next to these JUMBO marshmallows, hence the pretzel rods. These are going to make a great party favors for Olivia's birthday!

1 bag JUMBO marshmallows
Dipping chocolate/almond bark
1 bag pretzel rods
Various sprinkles/jimmies

Marshmallow meets pretzel
Make sure you push pretzel as far in as you
can without going out the top
(Follow package directions to melt chocolate)
I bought these little dipping cups since
my grocery store doesn't carry
almond bark during this time of year
Super easy and super clean!
Dip halfway in and shake off extra chocolate
Dip in sprinkles
Store in drinking glass until dry
I refrigerated mine to speed up the process
Aren't they cute?
I placed them in individual treat bags



  1. Super cute! I love these!

  2. Thanks Ali, I made some cute cupcake looking ones today in honor of University of Florida, I'll put pics up later!