Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I was going to make lobster  for dinner tonight but I have been felled by the dreaded stomach bug. But it will happen soon and I will document every single step of it, I promise! (or Olivia will kill me!)

 I did managed to work the high school bake sale today and was loving how many of my recipes were showcased. My friend made Olivia Bars, and they were a huge hit, another friend made chocolate covered marshmallows and they sold out, I donated Valentine sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzel rods and chocolate sugar cookies. What a great day of showcasing homemade treats!!

I hope you all hold your loved ones extra tight today! xoxooxxoxo



  1. I have made those "Olivia Bars" around 6 times husband just loves them....made them today with chocolate chips and white chips too!

  2. I was thinking of trying red velvet and white chocolate chips for V-Day but the time got away from me. I'm glad you like the recipe, it's such a favorite of ours!