Sunday, February 20, 2011

Easter Centerpiece

Springtime is wonderful time of year, it's like Mother Nature gently saying "Time to get up". Here in Florida our seasons are a little different, and it's the end of February and it's almost 80 degrees, mind you I'm not complaining!!! I wanted to make a fun centerpiece for my kitchen table that reminds me that it's spring, even if it sometimes feels like summer.  I found these cute tins at Target in the dollar section, and  all of the other supplies at Joanne's Fabric.( Felt is on sale through Presidents Day at Joanne's.)

3 metal tins
1 Styrofoam cone
1 Styrofoam ball
1 Styrofoam egg
Felt, at least 1/2 yard per color
Glue gun and glue
1 large Styrofoam block for inside tins
Bag of buttons
Wooden dowels, green paint
1/4 yard tule, to match felt colors
Easter grass

I used two different crafting themes for this centerpiece, both were super easy. I choose a color pallet and then decided to make the cone a tree with bright green felt rosettes and later glued on plastic flower buttons. For the circular shaped one I used three different colors of felt rosettes wrapped in matching tulle. The third was super easy, gluing buttons onto the egg shaped styrofoam.
After making each top I glued a painted wooden dowel and inserted it in the bottom, securing it with glue. I glued a square of floral foam to the bottom of each tin and inserted the dowels into the foam, staggering the height of each piece. I then placed wadded up paper towels inside the tin to take up the extra space and sprinkled green paper grass on top.

Supplies for my egg
I love buttons, in all shapes and colors
Glue onto styrofoam with low temp glue gun
The finished egg
Three colors of rosettes with matching tulle
Tulle cut into 3 inch circles, wrap tulle around
rosette and glue onto form
Placing close together
So cute
I used the same rosette technique for the tree. You could
glue any type of button onto the sides, not just flowers
I bought a package of wooden dowels to use for the stems
And painted them green
I glued the foam blocks onto the bottom of the tins
then stuck each piece into the foam and covered with grass

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