Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Balls

Do you like Valentine's Day? Do you feel the urge to run out and spend $$ on greeting cards and boxes of chocolates? I'm sort of in the middle, I like getting things on love day, and I like giving things, but I'm not the super crazy romantic type. A few years ago I did make homemade fortune cookies and left them in my hubby's car for him to find, but he didn't find them and they melted.  Boo! I do remember our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, we were so poor. I made him a heart shaped cake and he brought me a small bouquet of flowers, awwww. This year I made a few cute crafts to hang around the house and I've also got piles of gifts on the dining room table to mail off to my nieces and nephew. (I send them a goodie package for every holiday) Here is what I've been working on. I'm going to link you to another blog where she has a great tutorial on flower rosettes, she makes a wreath out of them, but I made balls instead.  These have been super fun and easy to make. I took an idea from this blog and changed it up to make balls instead of a wreath. Remember I made this earlier in the month and I love it so much I'm keeping it up year round.

Things you'll need to make Valentine's Day Balls
Styrofoam balls
Felt cut into 3 inch circles
Low temp glue gun
Straight pins

By combining different techniques you can make a
unique centerpiece for your table.
I love the different colors in this one
This looks like luscious velvet 

Flower Rosette close up
I've placed mine on candle stick holders, don't they look cute?


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