Friday, April 15, 2011

Tips From in the Kitchen

I've got quite a busy weekend ahead of me, we are currently hosting a French exchange student and I'm are throwing an 'American BBQ' on Sunday in her honor. Next week I'll have some great recipes for your next cookout! Today I'm sharing some great kitchen tips that I've collected through out the years. I am known as somewhat of a train wreck in the kitchen. Someday I will regale you with my many unsuccessful attempts at cutting off my fingers. Some of these tips are from the current issue of Food Network magazine, other are from personal experience.

Don't overcrowd the pan when sauteing, it will make your food steam instead of saute.

Always wear rubber gloves when working with chili peppers.

Make sure glass bowls are safe for microwave before using in microwave.

Always let your meat rest after cooking and before slicing.

Parchment paper is a MUST in the kitchen, as is a Silpat mat.

Invest in a good cast iron pan, the sticker shock will eventually wear off.

Collect all ingredients and place on counter BEFORE you start cooking.

Always make sure the lid to the blender is on, tight.

Always measure when baking, it's a science.

Taste your food as you cook, not just after it's finished.

Roll sugar cookie dough in-between two pieces of parchment paper instead of on the counter with flour.

Make sure to rotate pantry items so you don't end up with expired food.

Keep all cookie decorating tools in one location instead of spread around your kitchen.

Don't peel your potatoes, use them skin and all in every recipe that calls for potatoes.

Respect your knives, a dull knife is dangerous.

Always salt your protein.

Most importantly, have fun in the kitchen. Many of my happiest memories have taken place in kitchens.

Cook with love.



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  1. Oh, if I could only remember all of these while I'm in the kitchen! LOL!