Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chocolate Ice Cream Cups

My middle child Simon recently emailed me a picture of a cup made out of chocolate; he mentioned that he'd like to try to make them (today is his first day home from  his freshman year at college) so guess what we did tonight! I figured out how to create an amazingly delicious edible ice cream cup. I also made some yummy chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream using my basic ice cream recipe and added chunks of cookie dough.  I'm not worrying about the raw eggs in the cookie dough, I've eaten enough of it in my lifetime and haven't gotten sick yet :) 

Melting chocolate/Almond Bark 
or Candy Melts
Small water balloons

Melt the chocolate  in a small shallow bowl according to package directions. Blow up water balloons and spray bottoms with pan. Place a non stick mat or wax paper on a baking sheet. Put a spoonful of melted chocolate on the non-stick mat, then dip the balloon half way into the melted chocolate, let excess drop off. Sprinkle with jimmies and place on top of wet chocolate ( on the non stick mat) Thus creating a base for your chocolate bowl. Finish dipping remaining balloons and place baking sheet in refrigerator to set. Once they are firm take out of fridge and pop balloons with a pin, carefully remove balloon pieces. Serve with your favorite ice cream.
Melt chocolate in bowl
Spoon chocolate onto non stick mat
Spray balloon with Pam and rub around
Dip in chocolate and let excess drip off
Set on top of melted chocolate spot
Throw some sprinkles on the melted chocolate
Ready for the refrigerator
Using a pin pop the balloon
Dig out excess balloon
Ready to fill with ice cream

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