Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doggone it

This morning as I was walking home from my PTSA meeting, I was thinking about finishing my cute tropical themed sugar cookies. I was reminiscing about how darling the palm trees and flamingos turned out, about how they looked after I was done piping them. I was planning which neighbors to give them to. I had my day planned. Look how cute they were.

The cute trees, all outlined in green with pink trunks
The trees flooded with green
The flamingos waiting for their beaks and feathers to be iced in

But this is what I found when I walked in the door....
Empty cookie racks, chair pads hanging down and crumbs all over the floor
This counter top is 4 feet high
Crumbs of evidence

Who was the culprit?? 
Who has denied me and my dear readers my awesomely cute cookies??
 Who could have done this???

Vector, that's who. 
We are doggy-sitting this little guy
for the week and apparently he can jump very high and loves to eat
off the counter tops. 
My beloved Tiki would never do something like this, 
she is afraid of heights, barstools and me...Vector is not
Vector is currently in doggy time out, with good behavior he may be let
out in 2058

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