Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cutting back on meat, is it for you?

During the summer when it's super hot I tend to not eat a lot of meat; I'm not sure what the reason is, but I prefer salads, vegetables and fruit. I stumbled upon a post from GOOD Magazine talking about their goal for the month of June, 'go vegetarian for the month'. I know I'll never be able to do that, as a kid my nickname was carnivore, but sometimes cutting back on meat can be a good thing. Here are a few of my favorite meatless meals and sides.

Please check out the other recipes on my site under fish, dinners and seafood,  I cook with a lot of fish and shrimp.

Braised Red Cabbage with Goat Cheese

Black Bean, Corn and Rice Salad

Black Bean Soup

Humus with Fresh Basil

Copper Penny Salad

Marinated Pepper Slaw

Mac and Cheese

Homemade Pasta

My father in law has a huge garden and we raided it on Sunday! Hand picked vegetables always taste better!!
Olivia in front of the green bean plants
Tomato Plants
Bag of goodness!!


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