Sunday, May 29, 2011

London Broil

We love to grill London Broil at our home and I have a fool proof method that's easy and yummy! I love this cut of meat and whenever the butcher has a special I fill my freezer.

3/4 c Worcestershire Sauce
2 cloves Garlic, minced
London Broil, your choice of weight

In a large ziploc bag mix Worcestershire and garlic, place meat in bag and seal. Let sit overnight.

 Place London Broil on a hot gas grill and let cook for 15 minutes, turn over and cook for another 15 minutes.  ( if your steak is thick you may need longer cooking time) Test the doneness of your meat with a meat temperature gage, we prefer ours medium rare. Let rest on a cutting board for 10 minutes before thinly slicing. Serve immediately.

Out of the Ziploc and ready for the grill
this is after 24 hours of marinading 
My marinade bag
On the grill
Off the grill and resting

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