Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rice Crispy Cheer Treats

I am the official treat maker for my daughter's cheer team, and every week I try and come up with something creative and yummy. This week I made regular old rice crispy treats, but then drizzled them with red melting pieces and then sprinkled them with black sprinkles. (can you tell our colors are red and black?) These are darling and were super easy to make! I made two huge batches and was able to cut 16 large squares per pan.

1 1/2 bags of 16 ounce bag Marshmallows
1 1/2 boxes24 ounce Rice Crispy Cereal
1 1/2 Sticks Butter
Red Candy Melts (color is your choice)

For a regular sized batch follow this link 

In a large pan slowly melt butter and marshmallows over medium heat until smooth. Cover large cookie pan with parchment paper. Pour cereal into melted marshmallow mixture and stir until incorporated. Pour into cookie sheet and then with wet fingers press down on cereal to compact. Let sit until firm.

Lift parchment paper out of cookie sheet and I used a pizza cutter to cut my pieces. I wanted big ones so I only cut 16. Spread them out a little bit so they aren't touching each other. Place candy melts into a microwave proof squeeze bottle ( I bought mine at Joanne's) and heat for 30 seconds. Stir with knife then place cap on top of bottle. Slowly drizzle melted candy on to tops of rice crispy squares then quickly dust with sprinkles.

Let completely dry before bagging the treats. I bought some clear bags in the cake baking section at Wal-Mart and used curing ribbon to secure them. I then printed out a sheet of 30 return address labels with my saying on them. They turned out so cute, I can't wait to see the cheerleaders reactions!

I made 2 large pans of treats, I doubled the recipe
A pizza cutter works great for cutting
Look at this cute squeeze bottle!
Drizzle candy melts over top of treats then sprinkle jimmies over wet candy
I bagged them up while watching tv



  1. You make the treats EVERY week? Those would be cute for soccer treats, too. Sadly, I don't have a cute little squeeze bottle.

    Love it!

  2. The bottles are around a dollar and come in so handy when frosting cookies, you need to pick up a few!!!
    I'm already thinking about next week's treats!